Were you there when …

Brixton Academy ticket
Ticket for an Academy all-nighter from 1994 from the PHOP website

Are you a hoarder? A keen amateur snapper? Have you attended any of the thousands of memorable, or even forgettable, gigs, parties and clubs that have made Brixton such a centre of musical excellence?

If the answer is Yes, then BBC Music’s People’s History of Pop project wants to hear from you.

Its website already has several entries about Brixton, ranging from early blues dances to gigs at the Academy.

It’s your memories they are after, but if you have a ticket stub, photo or flyer, so much the better.

If you take part, you could be featured in a BBC Four series next year.

Just go to the website and start to reminisce … and please let the Brixton Blog know about your memories too.