Election results, Streatham: Chuka Umunna retains seat for Labour

rsz_img_5676Labour’s Chuka Umunna has retained his Streatham seat – with 53% of the votes, over his Conservative rival Kim Caddy’s 25.1%.

Umunna’s vote share increased from the 2010 election by 10.2%. The Conservatives saw a gain of 6.8% and the Greens 7%.

The Liberal Democrats saw the biggest drop, decreasing their share by 26.8%.

Umunna said: “Its been an immense privilege and honour to be re-elected…I feel deeply humbled that they [the voters] have put their trust in me again.

“I think there is a lot of change going on in our community, I think in particular gentrification is something that we need to have a proper comprehensive discussion about.

“How we transition into this new decade that we’re in, and how Brixton changes with it, is something the whole community needs to be involved with.”

The full results for the constituency are:

Chuka Harrison Umunna, Labour Party: 27, 474

Kim Caddy, Conservative Party: 12, 540

Amna Ahmad, Liberal Democrats: 4,491

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party: 4,421

Bruce Anthony Machan, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 1,602

Artificial Beast, Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol: 192

Unjum Rohman Mirza, TUSC: 164

Deon Gayle ,Workers Revolutionary Party: 49


  1. Chuka is a good constituency MP who cares about the area. He is seen at Community Events which mean a lot to the people but are not that “pc”. I believe Chuka will continue to serve the whole community to the best of his ability.

  2. After requesting help from chucka regarding a personal issue very close to my heart, although the matter didn’t have a positive outcome for me, I believe he tried his best to help me. I feel strongly that he’s the best man for the job in enabling streatham to the best streatham it can be. Go Chucka!

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