Election results, Vauxhall: Kate Hoey retains seat for Labour

katehoeyLabour’s Kate Hoey has retained her Vauxhall seat – with 53.8% of the votes, easily beating her Conservative rival James Bellis’s 27.3%.

Labour increased its share of the vote by 0.4% since the last election, while the Conservatives increased theirs by 5.7%. The Greens saw a rise of 6%.

The biggest loss in the constituency was to the Liberal Democrats, whose share of the votes went down by 18.2%.

Hoey said: “I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved in Vauxhall over many years. I want to continue that work. I’m looking forward to the next five years to serving the people of my constituency.”

“[In Brixton] The question of the arches has come up as a lot of people in my constituency shop there and that’s important to them… Also, the whole question of shortage of housing, not just in Brixton, but all over. The housing situation is changing the very make-up of the area… Its still a hugely diverse wonderful place but there are a number of big issues that will come out of this that shows the council what it needs to be aware of, that they need to be listening to people.”

The full results for the constituency are:

Kate Hoey, Labour Party: 25,778

James Howard Bellis, Conservative Party: 13,070

Gulnar Hasnain, Green Party: 3,658

Adrian James Hyyralyäinen-Trett, Liberal Democrats: 3,312

Ace Nnorom, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 1,385

Mark Chapman, Pirate Party UK: 201

Simon Hardy, Left Unity: 188

Louis Amadeus Dain Jensen, Cannibis is Safer than Alcohol: 164

Waleed Salman Ghani, The Whig Party: 103

Danny Lambert, The Socialist Party of Great Britain: 82