Reclaim Brixton on April 25

Windrush 2 copyA demonstration will be held in Windrush Square on April 25, organised by Reclaim Brixton. 

More than three thousand people have said they are attending the event on Reclaim Brixton’s Facebook page. 

The community group says it hopes to fight against the increasing gentrification of the area, with locals being priced out of the housing market and smaller, individual businesses being driven out by high rents and big business. 

Their page says: “Brixton is widely known for its vibrancy, which is another word for social & cultural diversity. But Brixton’s vibrancy now has a question mark on it. Will Brixton turn into a living museum or will it live?…The fight against gentrification starts here!”

Groups such as Brixton Community United – the campaign to protect threatened businesses under the railway arches – and Our Brixton – who held a protest outside Foxtons on the weekend – will be attending and adding their supporting to the event.

Jose Cordoso from A&C Deli, one of the tenants affected by the arches refurbishment, said the demonstration was “a great opportunity for people who love Brixton to come together and show the community wants to put people before profit.”

Rashid Nix, Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Dulwich and West Norwood, said: “Reclaim Brixton is the result of years of increasingly marginalised people being pushed out their communities…Brixton has survived riots, and recessions, but the so-called regenertion might just be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Reclaim Brixton says the event, which begins at 12 p.m on April 25 at Windrush Square, will be “a demo and a party, create, participate, think, share and have fun!”





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