Brixton Breakfasts: Lounge

Lounge breakfast
Brunch at Lounge. Photography by Ruth Waters

Barney Evison waxes lyrical about Lounge’s full English as part of our Brixton
Breakfasts series.

There are many things to like about the Full English at Lounge. The size of the portion (big enough, but not daunting).The toasted ciabatta with butter melting into it. The provision of HP sauce, not generic brown slop. The fact that baked beans are served in a little ramekin so they don’t overwhelm the plate.

Probably my favourite thing though, is that you can eat it at pretty much any time of day. You can order a ‘Full Lounge’ – sausages, eggs, beans, the works – right up to 5pm any day of the week. A perfect hangover cure, or just a great start to a lazy Sunday, the Lounge brunch is a good ‘un and is always there when you need it.

IMG_7333I’m a big fan of a few evening drinks at Lounge, but the daytime vibe at weekends is also really warm and relaxed – friends on the comfortable sofas catching up over breakfasts, burgers or snacks, and people quietly working in a corner with a coffee. It’s also a great place to people-spot, both inside and out, with its large windows looking across Atlantic Road.

When we went at midday last Sunday the staff were as friendly as ever, bringing the food over quickly and making sure we weren’t lacking for sauces or drinks. The coffee is good, and my fried eggs were done to perfection. Adding hash browns for an extra pound is well worth it -bringing the total for Full English (including tea or coffee) to just under £9.


Compared to some other places around, I’d say that’s a pretty good price and you definitely get your money’s worth. If I want a fancy Eggs Benedict or pricey Bloody Mary, I’ll go to the Lido Cafe or Wild Caper – but if I’m in the mood for a brunch out, it’s the works I’m after, and Lounge has got it down pat.

Barney is Culture and Arts Co-Editor.