No Brockwell Dog Show this year

Brockwell Dog Show 2014
Puppies on parade: last year’s Brockwell Dog Show. Credit: Rory Huston

The beloved Brockwell Dog Show will not be held this year.

Although it is a community event, a Lambeth council officer normally leads the show but is not in a position to do so this year.

On their website Brockwell Park Community Partners (BPCP) said: “We regret to say that the Brockwell Dog Show has been cancelled by Lambeth Officers.”

BPCP said that they have not had a proper explanation about why circumstances have changed but said they are happy to pick up the event next year.

The dog show normally takes place in mid July each year and is described as more “scruffs” than “crufts”.

The show features categories such as handsomest dog, prettiest bitch, cutest puppy, golden oldie and best dog and owner fancy dress and anyone can register for £1.50.

Dog walker Rory Huston said: “It is a shame not to have it, the event is a lot of fun.”

“Its good to have a place where people can interact and meet new people practically free of charge, there aren’t many of those around these days.”

The line up for "Handsomest Dog". Credit: Rory Huston
The line up for 2014’s “Handsomest Dog”. Credit: Rory Huston

Some had wondered if the cancellation of Brockwell Dog Show was due to the fact that, in May, Brockwell Park will be hosting the Muddy Dog Challenge: an obstacle course for owners and their dogs.

However, Lambeth council said the new show, which costs at least £25 to enter and raises money for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, had no impact on other events in the park.

Cllr Jane Edbrooke, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “The community are free to run the Brockwell Dog Show as they see fit. Lambeth council in no way opposes this fun event.

“The Muddy Dog Challenge proposed by Battersea Cats and Dogs Home is an entirely different event, at a different time of year that is being run independently – and so has no impact.”

A petition has been started calling for the reinstatement of the Brockwell Dog Show, you can sign here.


  1. Actually, the Dog show turned a profit which was given to charity, generated by the concessions. So it wasnt taking money from the state.

  2. Do Lambeth Officers have the authority to cancel a community event, surely it is a political decision? Some price difference between £1.50 and £25 for entrants for the different events. Charge a tenner for fireworks, twenty five quid to show your dog, whatever next. A charge for the county fair? Lambeth Labour would do well to realise that not all community events have to revolve around getting as much cash as possible from residents although it does appear to becoming a trend with this news.

    • You pathetic twit, the entire public sector is being forced to provide essential, costly services such as social care, waste collection and acute health care with less funding and less staff or staff subject to pay freezes. Dog shows and fireworks are hardly life sustaining events and not the best use if money. You ignorant, selfish man.

      • There is no need to be so rude. I was merely making a statement of personal
        facts on a local blog. If you can’t comment without degrading to calling me a ‘ pathetic twit’ and ‘ognorant and selfish’ then I would rather you do not bother to comment at all to my comments. Granted there is more to life than dog shows, fire works and country fairs. You do not even know me, otherwise I would have told you that I am a public sector sector worker myself, a nurse in London. I have been a nurse since since starting my nurse training in 1985. I do not consider myself neither ignorant nor selfish as I have given 30 years to helping others rather than go and make a fortune. Yep, I too have had a pay freeze, 1% over the last 5 years. Such a rude and discourteous reply, I am astounded.

        • And don’t bother wasting your time in replying I am going to spend my energy reading it. It was just a flipping dog show after all.

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