‘Drumathon’ held to raise money for treatment of 9-year-old Brixton girl’s rare disease

drumathon eden veremuA Brixton-based musician is holding a “Drumathon'” to raise money for a 9-year-old girl suffering from a rare disease which gives her painful hiccup-like muscle spasms.

The event on March 23 at Windmill Brixton will see musician Kayleigh Cheer drum for 12 hours straight.

Cheer is helping to raise money for Eden Veremu, from Brixton, who suffers from Myoclonus Diaphragmatic Flutter (MDF), an extremely rare disease in which sufferers experience uncontrollable muscle contractions, seizure and migraines..


Trudi Veremu (centre) has launched a fundraiser to pay for Eden's (far left) treatment
Trudi Veremu (centre) has launched a fundraiser to pay for Eden’s (far left) treatment

Last month Trudi Veremu, Eden’s mother, launched a Gofundme campaign to raise £6,000 so they can travel to Colorado Children’s Hospital in the US for specialist treatment. 

So far they have raised just over half the amount needed but cannot yet pay for the full treatment.

Veremu said the donations so far from “our wonderful community have just overwhelmed us”.

For more details on the Drumathon check out the event’s Facebook page and you can sponsor Cheer here.