Brixton Flower Watch: Muscari

We’re doubling up on the flower watch blog posts today. Each month we choose one road or area in Brixton, provide you with a weekly post on something beautiful that we spot and tell you a bit more about it. March is Trelawn Road. Thank you to all the local gardeners who work so hard to add some colour and nature to Brixton’s streets. 


Location: Trelawn Road
Week 4: Muscari
Common Name: Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth is a very sweet little plant which is in the lily family. There are hardly any blue flowers that grown naturally in the UK and so enjoy this shot of blue colour while it lasts. As cut flowers they can last up to a week and so why not put a few stems in a simple glass to brighten your desk?!

Muscari comes from the word ‘musk’ in Greek and the flowers really do smell lovely. The flowers are also excellent for attracting bees and we all know bees need all the help they can get – especially in the dark depths of zone 2!

Lots of the Trelawn Road residents have gone to great effort with their gardens which is so appreciated. It is terribly sad to see so much concrete removing crucial insect and animal homes in London. Spring is the perfect time to start planting and so  take advantage of whatever space you have spare – gardens, window sills… kitchen counters! Muscari are undemanding to grow and so are great for beginners.