Railton Road shops next to Herne Hill station also told to vacate to make way for refurbishment

A number of shops next to Herne Hill Station on Railton Road are facing an uncertain future as Network Rail plans a refurbishment of its property in the area.

The situation is similar to that of many Brixton businesses, who have been told they need vacate their premises later this year for the refurbishment of the arches in Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road.

Just like in Brixton, the Herne Hill tenants have been offered no guarantee they will be able to return on their current contracts.

The shops facing eviction include the butcher, a grocers and the last bakery in the area to produce on the premises.

The economy of the area is still recovering after the flood caused by a burst water main in 2013.

Tenants have not yet received notice to vacate but the refurbishment is set to begin this summer and to be completed next year.

Network Rail said: “There’s six units at 313-329 Railton Road in Herne Hill that are in a poor condition and we want to create fit for purpose retail units to capitalise on the good work which has been done in pedestrianisation of Railton Road itself.

“Some of our existing tenants may wish to discuss returning to Railton Road and we will be happy to discuss any proposal from them (as at Brixton).  Some may not wish to return and our policy for any new tenants will be to seek small and independent businesses, in keeping with the general area.”




  1. Leave the independent shops alone why do you push the people out to fit in new twats that have moved to london and kick out all the people that grew up there its so over priced with all these new builds you lot are killing another place

  2. These developements do not consider the feelings and preferences of the local communities. This is happening all over London. Why should popular businesses that have been in the area and served its communities for years; forming part of the history of the area be turfed out?!

  3. There is one unit there that had been derilict for some time, and also an upstairs section. There are also one or two other vacant premises in Herne Hill.

    Rather than destroy livelihoods, and essential community services, why not refurbish the vacant unit, and one by one move the tenants into that while their unit is refurbished? That way there is no disruption to their livelihoods.

  4. Will the shopkeepers of Atlantic Road/Brixton Station Road talk to the shopkeepers in Herne Hill who also face eviction by Network Rail and perhaps have a united campaign?

  5. Never mind National Rail refurbishing properties around the stations they would be far better concentrating and spending their resources and efforts on getting the rail network running better. Debris on track, signal failure, flooding on the tracks. These are all reasons for delays annouced over the last 14 days at both Herne Hill and Tulse Hill stations, and that is before without any severe weather conditions otherwise you could add snow and frozen points to the list.

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