Brixton Flower Watch: Hebe ‘Paula’

Welcome to Brixton Flower Club’s weekly flower spotting! This month we will be blogging our weekly posts of beautiful flowers from Blenheim Gardens. Thank you to all the local gardeners who work so hard to add some colour and nature to Brixton’s streets.

Location: Blenheim Gardens

Week 1: Hebe ‘Paula’

Common name: Hebe 


For February we move to Blenheim Gardens near the Windmill. The residents here not only have lovely things growing in their front gardens but also an interesting selection of plants in the communal areas – there is very good gardening work going on here!

I believe this is Hebe ‘Paula’ but there are so many varieties of Hebe that I may well be wrong! Hebe is excellent for low maintenance gardens because it needs minimal pruning and once well established is tough enough to survive in most conditions. Although the plant should flower in late spring through summer, in reality, if you keep your eyes peeled, lots of these shrubs are flowering very early this year.

Hebe is named after the Greek Goddess of Beauty of the same name. Hebe is wonderful for attracting butterflies which help with the overall health of a garden and is relatively easy to cultivate from cuttings – have a go at growing your own!