Lambeth Council to clamp down on spitting in public

Lambeth Town Hall - Pic by Laura Spargo
Lambeth Town Hall – Pic by Laura Spargo

After the first successful prosecution of the offence, Lambeth Council is determined to stamp out spitting in public.

Last week, a man was fined £120 by the courts for spitting in the street after Lambeth issued him with a penalty notice under anti-littering laws.

The council said that the ruling means officers will now be quick to issue fixed penalty notices to those who also commit the offence.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, Cabinet member for Environment & Sustainability, said: “Most people find spitting extremely unpleasant – both as an act and the mess it leaves on our streets.

“Offenders need to know that if our enforcement officers see anybody spitting in public, they will be facing a big fine.”





  1. Lambeth Council can also tackle vomiting in the street, urinating in the street or doorways, defecating in the street and spitting gum on the pavement. Oh, and owners who do not clear up after their dog(s) and leave dog mess for others to tread in. However I have never seen an enforcement officer patrolling the streets or parks in Lambeth, so it is little wonder it was the FIRST successful case before the courts. Furthermore, didn’t Lambeth get rid of the park wardens around 2011, no authority routinely patrols them which would go someway as to why lone women get verbally and sexually abused (reported here 2014), seating shelters get burn’t to the ground (reported here 2015), dog on dog attacks go unchallenged and unleashed dogs are allowed to run crazy.

  2. About time! Not just the pavements either. The walls in Brixton are black with dried mucus streaks. Look at the walls around the Ritzy as just one example. Funds from fines should be used to clean up the mess these people leave us.

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