Lambeth College: three-day strike this week

lambeth college brixton hill

Union members at Lambeth College will hold a three-day strike starting tomorrow in their dispute over contract changes for staff at the College.

The action will take the number of days lost to striking this month up to six. The University and College Union is also threatening an indefinite walkout from January 19 after the Christmas break.

A demonstration will take place at 12pm outside the Clapham Centre tomorrow and staff will be on the picket lines at the Brixton site of the college from 7am.

Union official Una O’Brien said: “UCU members at Lambeth College are determined to defend their contracts and the contracts of new staff. They do not accept the two-tiered nature of the contracts the college wants to bring in and have made it quite clear they are prepared to take serious industrial action to resolve the dispute.

“The time has surely now come for the college to come back to the negotiating table and get this matter sorted. If they continue to refuse to talk to us then we risk seeing all-out indefinite strike action from next month.”

Mark Silverman, principal, told the Brixton Blog last month: “Our focus now is to manage the strike effectively and ensure that our learners are not disrupted. We plan to keep the College open and functioning throughout further industrial action.”


  1. the strikers are a black mark on the profession. I backed my Aunt to attend Adult ESOL classes at Brixton, so she could improve her chances of mixing and integrating with the wider community more effectively and ultimately gain meaningful employment

    instead, I am told that she like many of the students in her class are being made to strike and stand outside.

    you strikers should be ashamed of yourselves. how dare you risk my aunts and other students chances for success, just to make yourselves look good.

    Like many from my community, we have high regard for teachers, and such people like my aunt tend to take your words for gospel, then again, of course you know that anyway. hence, how you have managed to make them buff up your numbers

    most of you have little or no mortgage and lets face it have a decent salary. you do not care about people like my aunt, it’s all fake, if you did, you would never have stooped so low. If my aunt fails, I will lay sole blame on you strikers, no one, but YOU

    I truly hope you lose your jobs and maybe then you will realise how fortunate a position you were in.

  2. You really must start getting comment from the other side. It is a journalistic weakness of this site that it acts as a conduit for worker / union opinion in such disputes, but ignores management.

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