Where have the old 159 buses gone?

One reader, Jack Aldwinckle, has found an old routemaster 159 converted into a cafe in a park in Bogata, Colombia..!

159According to records the bus – registration CUV 339C – first came into service in October 1965 and served routes all over London and Essex for the following 40 years, including the 159 to Streatham Hill.

It was sold to Erik Lopez to be taken to Columbia to become a restaurant, and that’s where Jack ran into it!

Do you know anything else about the life of the Routemaster CUV 339C? We want to hear from you – drop us an email newsdesk@brixtonblog.com.

Routemaster 159
The same bus pictured on Westminster Bridge in 1990. Picture @BristolRE2007 on Flickr.




  1. It’s “Bogotá”, not “Bogata”, editor/proofreader! A little bit of culture will not go amiss, this is the capital of Colombia, not such a far flung place.

  2. This bus registered CUV 339C was amongst many registered at the same time with the prefix CUV and the 1965 plate of C. The two buses registered either side of this one: CUV 338C is reported to be in the Welsh Transport Museum. CUV 340C was reported to be exported overseas as well.

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