Get McStuffed: Lambeth council rejects McDonalds bid for 24 hour restaurant on Streatham Place, Brixton Hill, after resident protests

McDonald's in Streatham Place will not be open 24-hours. As seen by Google Streetview
McDonald’s in Streatham Place will not be open 24-hours. As seen by Google Streetview

A Lambeth council licensing committee has rejected a bid by McDonald’s to open an existing drive-through restaurant for 24-hours per day.

The multinational burger pedlars had applied to extend the opening hours of their store in Streatham Place, off Brixton Hill, but were met with scores of letters of opposition from local residents and councillors.

Neighbours objected on the grounds of increased noise from cars and deliveries, as well as added rubbish customers of the outlet. They said there is already an enormous problem with McDonald’s packaging being discarded at the top of Brixton Hill.

The applications committee considered the bid last night at Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton. The Twitter account @LambethDemocracy tweeted: “Licensing Cttee decide to refuse the application for MacDonalds [sic] #Brixton Hill. Reasons to follow in five days”.

Another Twitter user, @1isthinking, responded by saying: “McStuffed! The residents won!! Licence application turned down!!”.

More to follow.

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  1. I live on Brixton Hill, Elm Park at the end of the road near the hill. I did not even know about this campaign or I would have supported it. So often we come out of our houses to MacDonalds rubbish just left on the pavement from their irresponsible customers. People who eat shit and leave shit on my doorstep. Pls keep me informed of any other campaigns.

    • Well done Lambeth. The residents were absolutely right. The rubbish from this McD is on many occasions unbelievably bad and they do nothing to tackle it.

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