Brixton designer wants your treasures

A new project by local designer Robyn Parker will document the stories of local people and their most treasured possessions through a kaleidoscopic piece of art.

web3During London Design Festival (15-19 September) the 27-year-old Brixton designer will take up residence in the Phoenix Cafe on Coldharbour Lane and encourage Brixtoners to bring their most treasured possession so she can photograph it. She will also ask its owner to tell the story of what makes the item so precious to them.

Robyn will then combine the images to create a kaleidoscopic image which will go on display in the Phoenix Cafe on Saturday 20 September.

“I wanted to do something for London Design Festival that everyone could get involved in,” Robyn told the blog, “I’m a bit obsessed with storytelling and love the thought that the stories of many people could be combined to create a beautiful piece of artwork. I think it will be really fun for people to see the final piece and be able to spot their bit of treasure, and see how it can be part of a larger story.”

The project relies on raising funds through Kickstarter to cover print costs. The more money is raised, the bigger the piece can be printed. “This type of digital art works best big,” says Robyn. “From afar the piece will just look like a beautiful kaleidoscopic pattern – it’s only when you get up close that you’ll be able to spot the individual images. I’m hoping it could be a real attraction for visitors to Brixton, as well as something spectacular to be enjoyed by local people.” You can donate via her Kickstarter page, where every donation of £5 or more will receive a reward if all the money is raised.

Robyn is also looking for a local sponsor to help cover the costs of printing flyers and posters – email her or give her a ring on 07455 789 897 if you’re interested.

Robyn will be in the Phoenix Cafe Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 September 10-4. If you’d rather send her images, send them to Everyone that takes part in the project will be offered 50% off their own bespoke digital collage, an A3 print that tells their story.

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