Ritzy campaigners accept latest pay offer


The hard-fought campaign for staff at the Ritzy to be paid the London Living Wage ended on Friday as staff voted to accept the latest pay offer from employers Picturehouse, despite it falling short of the living wage.

The deal moves staff closer to being paid the London Living Wage of £8.80 an hour and equates to a 26% pay rise over three years. On their Facebook page, A Living Wage for Ritzy Staff, campaigners wrote: “We would like to thank and welcome back all those who have given their support to our campaign over the last months. That support has been very much appreciated and immensely helpful in getting this result. As a strong collective of staff at the Ritzy, doing things differently has been key to our success to date. We have shown that workers don’t simply have to put up with poverty pay, or feel powerless and isolated.”

The staff will now stop all strike actions and have called off the boycott of the cinema, but have emphasised that their campaign for a Living Wage will continue.


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