Lambeth College to cut at least 20 more jobs due to funding cuts

Part of the Brixton Hill campus of Lambeth College is to be redeveloped as a catholic free school
Part of the Brixton Hill campus of Lambeth College is to be redeveloped as a catholic free school

Lambeth College is preparing to cut the equivalent of 20 full time jobs in response to massive cuts to its funding.

The institution announced today that it was beginning a consultation process on the job cuts after a savage £2m cash cut for the upcoming academic year.

Voluntary redundancy has also been opened to staff during the 30 day consultation as talks begin with unions and lecturers.

Mark Silverman, principal, said: These proposals are made with the intention of ensuring that the College can manage the reduction in funding for next year and so that Lambeth College can continue to secure long-term financial sustainability.

Lambeth College“Over the consultation we will work closely with staff and Trade Unions to minimise the impact of potential redundancies.”

The beleaguered college came under fire earlier this year for selling its Brixton Hill campus to the Government to make way for a controversial new “catholic-ethos” free school, though Lambeth College insists it will retain some adult learning on the site.

In May last year it announced it would cut 30 to 40 jobs in response to earlier Government budget cuts.



  1. These job cuts will hit two vital areas – English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and the courses for those with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD). I’m currently a student at Lambeth College, Brixton site, and I see the incredible difference these courses make to peoples lives. Cutting them is unthinkable. Some of the members of the Lambeth College ‘leadership’ group are on salaries in excess of £100,000. They need to a) earn their money by fighting for more funding b) consider taking a salary cut so that we can retain these vital courses. The community simply will not accept losing these vital jobs.

  2. This is totally out of order. The leadership at Lambeth College are running the college down. Local adult learners are queuing up to enrol onto ESOL and other courses and they are been turned away. Lecturers are been made redundant. People want education for a 2nd chance or 3rd chance in their lives. Rather than standing up to damaging Coalition cuts they seem to be kicking their own staff.

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