Interview: The Best In Brixton – Aurora Dawn


This Bank Holiday’s Best in Brixton Festival will be offering a multitude of entertainment: music and food to fire-spinning and spoken word. Brixton Blog caught up with event organiser and Alabama 3 vocalist Aurora Dawn to get a flavour of the fundraising festival, her music and her personal take on Brixton.

1.) What can Brixtoners expect from this year’s Best in Brixton line up?

They can expect to enjoy a rocking, fun, beautiful bank holiday in one of Brixton’s best live music venues; a plethora of great artists all under roof roof for an unbelievable ticket price. We want to give everyone, old and young, a chance to party with a purpose. Having  the event in the day means the kids can have some fun too. On Sunday we will have a  kids zone. With contributions from Big Fish Little Fish, puppet shows, yoga for kids and adults and more!

2.) How and why did you start making music?

There were always beautiful sounds and instruments bouncing around my house when growing up. All my family had a great interest in music some way.

Music interest resonated in different ways… I discovered I come from a line of singers on my mother’s side and also some on my dad’s; he had an incredible collection of music right across the board and during his leisure time he made mean sound systems.

My sisters were into funk, my brothers produced and created house and hip-hop and the kitchen played the radio constantly. I never had any doubt about singing as its always been an important part of communication in my house. I’m not saying its been all smooth sailing but I’ve always sang for as long as I can remember and I’ve just followed and facilitated this gift.


3.) How would you describe your sound?

One that makes the pigeon fly out the hole I hope. We’ve been making some really cool stuff and having a lot of fun with it down at the Hostage studios (Brixton Jamm’s in-house label).

We had a album release late last year called Womble (world of militant beat liberating executioners) and have Vol 2 the Women of Womble coming out soon.

Im also working on a solo project called Junk Deluxe with Steve Finnerty, guitar player from A3. The songs have an epic feel and we’ve been asked to pitch for the next James Bond but we will see. Steve will be using our songs in George Galloway’s new movie along with his own marvellous productions.

4.) Has Brixton influenced your music? If so, how has it influence your sound?

Brixton always been rich with music in every way from market traders, shops, legendary house parties and buskers along Brixton Road, so I’d say yes it has. I had the world of vibration right on my doorstep.

5.) Why do you enjoy performing?

Because I love to sing. I would be pretty boring standing there flicking my hair!

6.) What is your favourite thing about Brixton?

The Windmill, Brockwell Park, food, music and making music with the boys at our Hostage studio in Brixton Jamm

7.) What have you got lined up this summer?

This summer will see the release of some solo stuff from me and with my Alabama brothers. We’re on the road again hitting festivals like Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Wicker Man to name a few. See our website for calendar for the rest. Love life, theres no rest for the living so I’ll sleep when your dead. Love, light and beautiful people.

Best in Brixton will take place this bank holiday Sunday and Monday

Tickets £10 early bird/ £15 on the door

Sunday 12pm-10pm

Monday 1pm-12am


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