Video launched to support ‘Save Cressingham Gardens’ campaign

Cressingham Gardens has "a real sense of community"
Cressingham Gardens has “a real sense of community”

A short film about Cressingham Gardens Estate, which Lambeth Council is planning to demolish, was released on February 18.

The film, entitled ‘Homes under the Sledgehammer’ is directed by Sanda Kolar and includes several of the estate’s residents speaking about their experiences of life on the estate.

The overwhelming  feeling the film projects is that of community spirit amongst the residents. Nicholas Greaves, Cressingham Gardens Residents’ Chair, said: “It seemed like a jewel in Lambeth’s crown of estates, so it seemed crazy to me that you would want to demolish it.”

Residents are campaigning for repairs to the estate, as opposed to demolition and regeneration. £3.4 million is available to the council for repairs under Lambeth’s Decent Homes Scheme, but Lambeth Council claims regeneration is more cost effective.

The 20th Century Society has given their support to the residents in a further campaign to grant the estate listed status. Catherine Croft, director of the society, said: “The architecture here is incredibly human centred and gentle. It’s the absolute opposite of the Gherkin.”

English Heritage has recommended that the estate be included within the Brockwell Park Conservation Area.

Lambeth Council are yet to reach a decision on the exact future of Cressingham Gardens Estate.

A petition to ‘Save Cressingham Gardens’ can be found here.


  1. My name is rachelle allen and I love living on cressingham gardens estate I really like all my neighbours and feel safe I would be devasted if I had to move again like I have been moved around for so many years and I feel settled and at piece now and dread to think it could be taken away its a sad situation

  2. i am new to Cressington Gardens and i have been made to feel so welcome here. It is quite unconscionable that Lambeth Council would consider demolishing this estate as it is not only beautiful but there is a real and flourishing community. Well done to every one that made this video possible.

  3. Really lovely video. I hope the residents of Cressingham Gardens get the repairs the properties deserve. It’s a real shame the council want to demolish it. I think we all know their motives are material. The video highlights very well the human cost at stake and hopefully someone with a heart made of flesh and not of stone at Lambeth will take note. All the best Cressingham residents!

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