“Hello…? Is it me you’re looking for?”

Is that you Lionel? A still from the promotional video
Is that you Lionel? A still from the promotional video

A new socialising singles event has been launched at Market House in Brixton.

The evening aims to be a fun event for single and outgoing individuals in their twenties. There will be cocktail prize giveaways, and DJ’s on the night who will be playing 70’s/80’s disco music, along with some Lionel Richie classics.

Event organiser, Chloe Mcdonald, said: “I basically decided to put on this night because I thought there was a gap in the market. Since graduating uni lots of my friends say they’re too busy with work to meet anyone new and are bored of the tragic state of their love lives. So I thought I would create an event, it’s not necessarily a night for singles, just an event where there is great music, some games, you meet new people and have lots of fun.”

There is promotional video for the event which is based in Brixton Village, and features actors wearing Lionel Richie masks. The video can be viewed here.

She added: “The Lionel Ritchie thing came when I had to come up with a name, I was looking at cheesy song names and “Hello..? Is it me you’re looking for?” was a clear winner. The promo videos are also inspired by the video for “Hello”. I’m starring in the videos with a friend wearing a Lionel Ritchie mask around various Brixton locations.”

The event has not been advertised as a speed dating event, and bears no similarity to a conventional singles night.

The first event will be on December 12, from 9pm – 1am at the Market House, Brixton. Tickets are £7 and must be purchased in advance. To view other videos promoting the event, and to purchase tickets, please visit http://www.hellosingletwentysomethings.com/.