First BlockWorkOut gym comes to Brixton

An artist’s impression of what 'BlockWorkOut' gym could look like
An artist’s impression of what ‘BlockWorkOut’ gym could look like

The first ‘BlockWorkOut’ gym is to be opened in Brixton as a part of council plans for the redevelopment of Somerleyton Road.

It will be able to host over 60 people and will offer body weight training, free running training and martial arts.

Terroll Lewis, CEO and founder of Block Workout, said: “Hopefully we will open the gym the first week of January and we will do a lot of workshop for people of all ages and a lot of stuff to get the community involved.

“Brixton Green loved the idea of Block Workout, of what it can do and the impact that it can make in the community and I believe with Workout we can make a massive impact on the Brixton area.”

The founder is raising money for the equipment and young local people will help him to refurbish the building.

Outdoor bars, jumping blocks for free running and rock climbing walls will be available for the kind of training people do on Saturdays during the Block Workout free sessions (suggested donation of £1) at Brockwell Park.

Terroll said: “I will keep doing the sessions in Brockwell Park as well, but we are thinking to build another gym there, so we’re going to have two of them.”

The 23-year-old fitness guru uses natural body movements and exercises to promote affordable physical activity especially among young people in South London.