Burst water pipe in Herne Hill causes huge flood

Pic by Crispin Sugden
Pic by Crispin Sugden

Residents of Herne Hill awoke to an unexpected view this morning – a burst water pipe near the station had flooded parts of Dulwich Road, Herne Hill and Norwood Road.

The London Fire Brigade was called to the scene at 04.58 and Thames Water are now working on fixing the pipe, which was found near the junction at Half Moon Lane.

One person tweeted this morning “my flat now comes with waterside view”. The floods have caused considerable distress for many residents and business owners whose stock has been destroyed by the water.



  1. […] Dulwich Estate, who granted the lease to Fuller’s, made the controversial decision that The Half Moon pub is to become a restaurant, putting an end to its days as a live music venue. Dulwich Estate have already raised rents by 70% in the area, forcing the closure of toy shop Just Williams and putting other local traders at risk, many of whom are still recovering since the devastating floods of 2013. […]

  2. and someone reported the leak to Thames Water the day before and they said they’d be along in 2 to 3 days!!! (see Evening Standard today) Who will be covering the damage and lost earnings?

  3. The same happened on Brixton Hill in 2011, makes you wonder wherever next? Clearly not only the sewers but also the water supply pipes in London are old and need sorting out, this one had been in use since 1925!

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