Labour’s Mary Atkins wins Tulse Hill by-election

By Kaye Wiggins

Mary Atkins

Labour’s Mary Atkins has been elected as a councillor for the Tulse Hill ward, winning 69% of the vote in a local by-election.

Atkins won 1,575 votes, beating second-place Amna Ahmad (Liberal Democrat) who gained 277 votes.

The Green Party candidate Bernard Atwell came third with 177 votes.

In a speech to mark her victory, Atkins paid tribute to Ruth Ling, the Labour councillor whose death last month prompted the by-election.

“I look forward to carrying on the work of Ruth Ling, who worked so hard for Tulse Hill,” she said.

In her speech, at Brixton’s town hall on Thursday night, Atkins said that whilst out campaigning on the doorsteps she had noticed “anger and bewilderment” about the government’s policies.

She also warned that “apathy and alienation” affected all political parties.

Amna Ahmad told the Brixton Blog: “It’s been a really good second place result for us. We’ve got 14 councillors in the borough and we look forward to bigger and better things.”

Turnout for the by-election was 20%.

VIDEO: The moment the result was announced – and Mary’s speech

The results in full:

Mary Atkins, Labour: 1575 votes, 69%

Amna Ahmad, Liberal Democrat: 277 votes, 12%

Bernard Atwell, Green: 177 votes, 8%

Steve Nally, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 76 votes, 3%

Timothy Briggs, Conservative: 74 votes, 3%

Elizabeth Jones, UKIP: 64 votes, 3%

Valentine Walker, Independent: 20 votes, 1%

Adam Buick, Socialist: 11 votes, 0%



  1. Cllr Davie – it’s sad that you’ve bought yourself down to the Lib Dem’s level, rather than let the results speak for themselves. Steve Reed MP even managed a dig at the Lib Dems in Ruth Ling’s obituary, hardly the place for petty party politics, and rather undermines Labour’s supposed moral high ground.

    The Lib Dem campaign was appallingly negative, but 14% of the electorate voted for Labour in this Tulse Hill by election – hardly something to crow about. You don’t seem to realise that what people “want none of” is playground level tribal party politics like this. We just want good people working effectively together to deliver the services we need.

    Thankfully I think Mary Atkins is just that kind of person, and I’m delighted the best candidate won. But that’s in spite of party politics, not because of it.

  2. Amna Ahmad told the Brixton Blog: “It’s been a really good second place result for us.”

    Hmm – a 17% swing against you is not a good result even for a Lib Dem – even former Mayor Clive Bennett has jumped from the sinking ship.

    The Lambeth Lib Dems showed their typical cynical opportunism by breaking an agreement not to campaign before Ruth Ling’s funeral – the people of Tulse Hill want none of it and nor will those in other wards come next May’s council election.

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