Brooklyn band Dub Trio to play Windmill

Music Contributor Jonathan Falcone catches up with Dub Trio‘s drummer Joe Tomino ahead of their gig at the Windmill on 8th July.

Joe Tomino far left. Photo by XX
Joe Tomino far left. Photo by Dennis Kleiman.

Dub Trio are a band from Brooklyn like no other. Known for their ferocious instrumental combination of dub rhythms and furious thrash-metal bursts, they combine two distinct musical genres in a way no one else is doing. On Monday July 8th the band bring their inimitable powerhouse style to the Brixton Windmill in promotion of their fourth and heaviest album yet, ‘IV’.

What’s less known is their musical credentials in their native US, as member’s of Lady Gaga’s original showcase band, they’ve also made up part of Mike Patton’s (Faith No More) Peeping Tom project and performed with the likes of 50 Cent, Mary J.Blige, Tupac, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Mos Def, Yoko Ono and the Fugees. Speaking with Joe Tomino, the band’s drummer, over Viber it’s clear that the trio is where the band unleashes their own creativity.

“When we get together we just grab a snapshot of what we’re into at the particular moment. When we first got together we playing in other bands, reggae bands, rock bands, but we were also into bands like Plaid, Sqaurepusher, Autechre. But we never conscientiously set out to ever write in a one defined way. We give way to the music.”

Joe Tomino far left. Photo by XX.
The Dub Trio, Joe Tomino far left. Photo by Michael Weintrob.

With a mix of two heavy forms of music the band are well placed to play in Brixton, which has it’s own musical heritage in the dub and punk. The band have played the Windmill before and supported Skindred at the Academy. So what can fans expect from their next visit to the Windmill?

“Our new album is really heavy, so we want that assault. We want the music to… I don’t know what word to use. It has to be heavy. We’re not pop so it doesn’t have to be polished, there are no words so we don’t have that concern, but we always want to perform to the best of our abilities and we improvise, so we always need to listen to each other. If you saw us over a couple of shows, you’d notice the differences across each performance.”

With their latest album being hailed by the New York Times as ‘spacious reggae grooves spiked with high-adrenaline punk rock’ come Monday July 8th, you’ll want to be at the Windmill for a gig like no other.