UK beatboxers battle it out in the Jamm this Saturday

The Brixton Jamm hosts the annual UK Beatbox Championships this Saturday. Hip-hop voice maestros from around the country compete to be named Number 1.


Beatboxing has developed from a small part of the UK hip hop scene to a national phenomenon, with modern artists incorporating elements from rock, dub-step, drum ‘n’ bass and house into their performances.

This event showcases the best that the UK has to offer, and the championships are as much a competition as a chance for the beatbox scene to shout about the talent and diversity that it now boasts. Many of the competitors are from South London.

Elimination rounds take place from 12pm to 6pm, followed by beatbox battles in the evening to crown four new national champions. The competition has 4 categories: Solo (open to men and women), Women, Teams (each team has 2 members) and Looping (single competitor with looping equipment).

Head to the Jamm website to book tickets and find out more.


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