Pool reopens at the Rec

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Brixton swimmers will no longer have to forgo their morning swim – the pool at the Rec is open again after gas faults meant it had to be closed for a week.

The swimming pool was re-opened yesterday at 24.4 degrees, which is colder than normal. It will be back to normal temperatures – 28c – by Friday lunch time.

The problem was first discovered last Wednesday when a routine gas test uncovered faults that meant the gas supply to the leisure centre had to be switched off. The pool was deemed too cold for both adults and children and it was closed completely at 9am on Saturday.

Darren Pope, General Manager at the Rec, emailed the Brixton Rec Users Group yesterday about the decision to reopen: “This decision was made in consultation with regular swimmers wanting to swim at this temperature. The main pool temperature is going up by 1 degree every 8 hours.

The learner pool is increasing nicely and by lunch time today (Wednesday), we expect to be at our normal working temperature of 30c.”