Brixton Hill council office occupiers leave peacefully

police hambrook house
PROTEST: Police sealed off part of Brixton Hill during the occupation

Protesters who occupied a disused Lambeth council office block on Brixton Hill have left peacefully after speaking to police.

The group broke into the the former housing advice centre, Town Hall Parade, at about 3am yesterday, leading to police to close Porden Road and part of the pavement in Brixton Hill.

According to a police spokesman the occupation was a protest, and ended at about 1.30pm yesterday (Thursday).

A spokesman for Lambeth council said: “The incident drew peacefully to a close when police served a letter on some protestors. They took advice from their legal representative and then left without any further incident.”

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Housing advice centre lambeth council porden road
The disused housing advice centre, in Town Hall Parade, Brixton Hill




  1. The council plan to make it a lambeth hub for council services… take a look at lambeths development plan.

  2. Living in Brixton, I am used to ludicrous Police operations, but this one surprised even me: the police helicopter overhead for nearly 12 hours, roads closed, about 50 police on the scene.

    What exactly were they expecting the protestors to do? What was wrong with stationing a couple of bobbies on the door?

    Does anyone know what is was about? If it was the right to squat and the stupidity (bordering recently on immorality) of Lambeth’s housing policy, good on them.

  3. the building has been left empty for ages so that it delapidates. then the council will sell it cheaply because it is broken. at a guess i reckon it will be a tesco metro, with some flats above that no-one in brixton can afford.

  4. Does anyone know why this building has been left empty for so long and what are the council’s plan for it.

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