Foxtons to open at Speedy Noodle site, Brixton Road, in March

Speedy Noodle, in Brixton Road, when it closed last summer
Speedy Noodle, in Brixton Road, when it closed last summer

A former noodle bar on Brixton Road will re-open as a branch of Foxtons on March 9.

The estate agent chain, often associated with more expensive properties and known for its hard-sell tactics, has written to Brixton homeowners this week offering to sell their home for zero commission as an introduction to the area.

The former Speedy Noodle, at 506-508 Brixton Road, closed for good in September. It enjoyed cult status in Brixton as a “love it or hate it” no-nonsense noodle bar. In November 2011 reader Vanessa G wrote a piece for Brixton Blog entitled In defence of Speedy Noodle and the Chinese eaterie even got a mention from Stockwell writer Will Self, who visited after a trip down to Brixton’s sewers in April last year.

The letter, received at Blog HQ from Foxtons today, said: “We require properties on out books in order to establish our business in the area.”

What do you think about Speedy Noodle making way for Foxton’s? Leave your comments below.

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  1. Foxtons is not the problem. I can’t believe that the council have let half the shops on the high street to mobile phone shops. it’s starting to look ridiculous.

  2. Whether or not you like Foxton’s hard sell or disapprove of their high-end branding, the Foxton shop will bring a modern look to that part of the high street, with its floor to ceiling glass windows and swish interior.

    In fact, it will be one of the first things that new visitors coming out of Brixton Station will see. I’d rather them see a modern looking estate agent that implies the area is doing well rather than a shuttered shop that implies the whole area is just full of cheap as chips noodles.

    Brixton should project a good image to visitors to the area – and this Foxtons shop will help this cause.

  3. I think a lot of the comments here are missing the point. This should not be about Foxtons credentials as an estate agent but rather, as some have posted, what the addition of another estate agent in such a prime location on the high street will bring to this area. It would have been better to see a local business take over the space offering something more interesting/ value-add to the community. Its a massive shame and an opportunity missed to add to the individual, different charm Brixton has to offer. I hope Brixton never turns into another Clapham, Balham or any typical high street. We love Brixton because it is not like any other place…lets retain what makes it different and look to enhance this. (granted, its definitely not through having establishments such as Speedy Noodle either!!).

  4. I agree with David’s previous comment; Foxtons bring nothing and its a shame the council have allowed that type of use at the site. The shop might have been empty but sure not for long and would have been great to see something more valuable to Brixton’s character than yet another estate agent/ betting shop/ chicken place / Londis / charity shop / or similar.

    I think the council should be more critical in what they let into these prime shop locations that will help define Brixton.

  5. Foxtons sell property and for much better prices. Fact. Gentrification takes place in areas because of Foxtons. Love it or hate it that is the raw fact. I have dealt with most agents in Brixton and they are all after an easy deal. They do not care about achieving the best price.

  6. Can’t say I will ever use Foxtons, bad reputation from everyone I know who have had dealings with them.

    I did try Speedy Noodle and it was truly awful, so let’s keep this in perspective.No loss.Rubbish replaced by more rubbish.

  7. Just be lucky it’s an estate agents and not another mobile phone shop! In all reality, an estate agent probably isn’t what was needed, but at the end of the day if it means the shop doesn’t sit empty, then surely thats the best option – too often shops are closing on high streets, and just staying empty!

  8. Hmm, I’m a bit cheesed off – I was working at a flat today that is almost in Streatham and I noticed one of these came through the door -addressed to my customer. I get home to Brixton – where’s my letter???

  9. Foxtons bring nothing and its a shame the council have allowed that type of use at the site, but get real speedy noodle was a f*cking dump.

  10. Excellent – i finally will be able to get well over the value of my house, for 0% commission, and leave the area, for sunnier climes, whilst the up and coming gentry brigade fill their boots on overpriced, underbuilt victorian terraces. I think I’ll find out where Mr Speedy Noodle went and join him!
    But in defence of the article, I would only EVER consider selling my property through Foxtons, not buying. They are c*&%$. And that’s a substantiated experience…

    • When I first moved to the area Foxton’s were trying to sell a property a few doors up the road for a tasty £100,000 premium over everything else in the street. And the details for the property had the nearest tube as Clapham South.

      It’s interesting that they’ve now conceded the existence of Brixton, but I wouldn’t book the cruise just yet: their standard tactic is to get you on the books with a promise to get you a higher price than any other agent. Then they immediately pressurise you to take almost any offer so they can get you off the books.

      Churn’n’burn, churn’n’burn.

  11. If anyone doubts Foxtons are a massive bunch of scummers then they’ve clearly never dealt with them.

    Speedy’s was an institution – 9th March will be a dark day for Brixtonites.

  12. Thanks Tom,
    First article is from 2008 (5 years ago) and concerns specifically letting.
    Second article is from 2006 (7 years ago)

    By the same logic I suppose we should also refer to witches in the present tense.

    Please do more thorough research. Don’t slant your articles and then ask for comments.

    That’s not good journalism, that’s just a soap box.

    • Surely the question is whether Foxton’s have done anything to restore confidence in their brand since then? It’s not as if they are the only estate agent in London, so why not use one with a better reputation? Otherwise most people who’ve dealt with them will stick with the “never again” verdict. And never is a long time.

  13. Sub editor…noodle, not noodles! The name is part of its charm. It’s like writing an obituary and getting the deceased’s name wrong.

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