Baytree Centre opens charity shop

The Baytree Centre held a grand opening for their new charity shop on Brixton Road today.

After a successful weekend jumble sale in the centre, Baytree took over the lease of a disused shop a few doors down from their main site. It was painted by volunteers and girls who do activities at the centre.

The shop will be open one Saturday a month, but Baytree Centre plan to open it more often if they can get more volunteers to help out. Their aspiration is to run it as a social enterprise which the Baytree girls will staff and manage themselves.

Below is a set of photos of the launch event today taken by local photographer Natasha Caruana, whose exhibition is currently in its last week at Photofusion gallery.

If you want to drop in clothes or donations for the shop at the Baytree Centre on 300 Brixton Rd, they will be gratefully received.