Brixton Recipe Search

Very exciting news reached us this week. The food haven of Brixton is finally getting its own community cookbook! As part of her university course, Naomi Edmondson is collecting, collating and creating a cookbook featuring recipes and ideas for using ingredients from the market to be published at the end of the year.

And she needs your help. Do you have a recipe that sums up Brixton in a tasty way? Is there an ingredient you don’t think gets enough love in the market? Are you a member of a community people don’t realise makes up Brixton? Then Naomi wants to hear from you!

She’s had some wonderful Caribbean suggestions and some great African ideas, but she’s especially keen to hear from Portuguese and South American community members, but not forgetting our friends from the smaller Caribbean islands, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia and Eritrea and other points of the globe that make up the amazing market and community we have here in Brixton.

If you have an idea or a recipe, contact Naomi at by the 8th November. We’ll bring you details of when the book will be available and how to get your hands on it closer to the time. We look forward to getting some inspiration from you all!