Fireworks at Brockwell Park last year. Thanks to Joe Freeman for his Flickr pic.

An unexpected surprise – there will be a firework display at Brockwell Park for a second year running next month.

Lambeth Council have announced fireworks will take place on Friday November 2 at both Brockwell and Streatham Common (a little early, but who are we to complain?) In the previous two years, there has only been one display in the borough due to budget cuts, and it was to rotate around the three main parks annually.

Sally Prentice, cabinet member for culture, leisure and the Olympics, said: “we have decided to hold two firework displays this year because the emergency services have concerns about trying to manage 50 to 60,000 people in the vicinity of Streatham Common, who will all arrive and depart at the same time.  As it is Streatham Common’s turn to have the fireworks this year, we thought the best way forward to manage the number of people was to have a second display on Brockwell Park.”

Brockwell Park


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