‘Lambeth Life’ – a co-operative council paper?

If you’re going to turn the council co-operative, you may as well turn the paper that represents it co-operative too, right? Over at her own blog, @kayewiggins has been speaking to Steve Reed, Labour Leader of Lambeth Council, about his plans to hand over more editorial control of council freesheet ‘Lambeth Life‘ to residents who want to get involved. It’s an interesting idea but, as ever, it’s not quite clear just how much editorial control that will mean. Perhaps the council should stop pretending that ‘Lambeth Life’ is anything but a council paper and support residents who want to start an independent local paper or magazine over which they would have full editorial control.

Kaye’s blog post is here.


  1. I think this is a great and very timely idea. I mean, we’re at a point in history now where it’s impossible for local communities to independently set up a platform to publish their ideas and hold power to account.

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