Take One: Public memorial for Sean Rigg @ Assembly Room, Town Hall

Tuesday August 21

We’ve gone for just one tip of the day today, because we think it’s an important one…

Take One: Public Memorial for Sean Rigg @ Assembly Room, Town Hall

The Sean Rigg Justice and Change campaign is holding a public memorial in the Assembly Room at the Town Hall today, 7-9pm. The meeting marks the fourth anniversary of Rigg’s death at Brixton Police Station after he was restrained by police officers in 2008 – a recent inquest found that a litany of failures by police, specifically the use of “unsuitable” force, led to Rigg’s tragic death. The event will include a screening of the film ‘Who Polices the Police?’.

Public memorial meeting for Sean Rigg @ Assembly Room, Town Hall, doors open 6pm





  1. i went to the demo last night. RIP Sean. I would encourage all those reading to get involved in some way, as our local police seem to think themselves unaccountable to legal or moral standards. mistakes are one thing, mistakes that lead to someone’s death which are then lied about under oath by a series of cops including the Chief Inspector.. well, that’s something that we should all be concerned about.

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