Brixton Bookmongers on film

Brixton-based filmmakers have captured the essence of one of a much-loved secondhand book shop on Coldharbour Lane.

The short documentary tells the story of Patrick Kelly, who opened Bookmongers 20 years ago. It was put together by The Keep, a media production company set up in Brixton in 2010.

One member of The Keep said: “We started out by winning an Innocent Smoothie competition and were awarded some money, which funded our first equipment purchases.

“Since then, we’ve been growing as a company, but wanted to come back to our original plan – making videos about the varying characters that make Brixton unique. The Book Monger, is the first of a small series we’re planning to do about characters in Brixton.”


  1. Great video – thanks for sharing. Bookmongers is fantastic and helps give Brixton its local feel.

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