“Help Mob” organised in Brixton this Saturday

#helpmobA “Help Mob” has been organised in Brixton for this Saturday, May 16.

The Free Help Guy, an anonymous person who “believes in doing what you can to help others”, wants to support restaurant The Ultimate Jerk Centre who give free food to the homeless everyday.

The Facebook event for “Jerk Aid” says: “The Ultimate Jerk Centre – a small, privately-owned Caribbean restaurant in Brixton – gives free food to Brixton’s homeless every single day.

“They don’t need to, but they do. They don’t shout about it and they don’t ask for anything in return. They’re awesome, and it’s time they knew it……”

The Free Help Guy’s plan is simple: 1. on Saturday May 16 go to The Ultimate Jerk Centre and eat lunch. 2. Pay more than they charge you – whatever you can. 3. Leave (giving them an optional high five.

The Ultimate Jerk Centre is at 397 Coldharbour Lane.