Take Two: Shake that Zumba @ Moorlands Community Centre and Pina 3D @ Ritzy

Monday 2 July

Take One: Shake that Zumba @ Moorlands Community Centre

The Columbian dance fitness craze continues apace and you can shake your booty, burn lots of energy and get fit at the Zumba class hosted by the Moorlands Community Centre from 7.30pm today.

Shake that Zumba at the Moorlands Community Centre, 50a Corry Drive, SW9 8QT, 7.30-8.30pm, £5 per class or £20 for five classes

Take Two: Pina 3D @ Ritzy

For fans of modern dance, this beautiful documentary by Wim Wemders is a homage to the choreographer and dancer Pina Bausch. The 3D version isn’t a gimmick – it brings an intimacy with the dancers you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Pina 3D at the Ritzy, 6.30pm