Take Two: Open deck @ Mango Landin’ and Jazz Jam @ Effra Hall Tavern

Photo by Ewan M

Thursday 7 June

Oh look, one day into the working week and it’s already nearly over! Celebrate tonight with some Brixton regulars…

Take One: Open Deck @ Mango Landin’

Democracy on the decks hosted every Thursday by Claw at Mango Landin’ tonight. The idea is simple – bring down four singles you think might wow the crowd, put your name down and enter the competition…

Open Deck at Mango Landin’, from 9pm

Take Two: Jazz @ Effra Hall Tavern

If you’d rather live music, head to the Effra for their excellent jazz jam session – especially good on a hot summer’s evening, but don’t let that thought dampen your spirits…

Jazz at the Effra Hall Tavern, Kellet Rd