Take Two: ‘The Thing About Men’ @ Landor Theatre and ‘Patience (After Sebald)’ @ Whirled Cinema

Thursday 17 May

Today’s top tips are all based around the outskirts of Brixton – go on, we dare you…

Take One: ‘The Thing About Men’ @ Landor Theatre

A musical comedy opened at the Landor Theatre this week. ‘The Thing About Men‘ is, funnily enough, all about men and their ‘innermost thoughts and desires’. The theatre is situated on the first floor of the Landor pub – OK, it’s technically Clapham but not far to go.

‘The Thing About Men’ at Landor Theatre, £18, 7.30pm, 70 Landor Rd

Take Two: ‘Patience (After Sebald)’ @ Whirled Cinema

A beautiful film following in the footsteps of W.G.Sebald,whose novel ‘The Rings of Saturn’ tracked him walking through East Anglia – more than travelogue, both the film and the book are multi-layered essays on history, landscape, life and loss. Director Grant Gee recorded the voices of major writers and artists discussing Sebald’s ‘Rings of Saturn’ and plays them over ethereal views of the walk Sebald himself would have done.

Patience (After Sebald) at Whirled Cinema, 8.30pm, 259-260 Hardess Street