Take Two: Inspiring Minds @ Mango Landin and co-operative libraries consultation @ Brixton Library

Take One: Inspiring Minds Forum @ Mango Landin

Mango Landin has started a series of ‘Inspiring Minds‘ forums every Tuesday and the forum tonight is hosted by the founder of United Diversity, Josef Davies-Coates. We’re not sure if this is all a bit happy clappy for us, but it’s worth a try-out. A Mango Landin buffet will be served from 7pm and the talk will start at 8pm.

Inspiring Minds forum at Mango Landin, talk starts at 8pm. £5 suggested contribution

Take Two: Co-operative libraries consultation @ Brixton Library

Lambeth is running a series of consultations on their plans for local libraries in the cooperative council. This one is taking place at Brixton Library from 7-9pm, so it’s suited for people who work full time too.

Co-operative libraries consultation at Brixton Library, 7-9pm