Street party on Somerleyton Road this weekend

somerleytonroadpartyflyerFuture Brixton is holding a Somerleyton Road Street Party.

On Saturday June 27 Brixton residents are invited to Somerleyton Road take a look at ideas for how the street could be improved, tell the developers their thoughts, meet the people designing the new buildings and see their work in progress.

The free event is from 1 to 6 pm and will feature live music, as well as food and drink.

The Somerleyton Road partners – Lambeth Council, Brixton Green and Ovalhouse – have said they will be around to discuss the project.

The party is being put on by development manager, Igloo, the Brixton Night Market and Green Man, who have recently taken over the running of No. 6 Somerleyton from Brixton Green.

No. 6 is the former meals on wheels kitchen that Lambeth council made available as a ‘meanwhile’ community space until construction starts for the Somerleyton Road project.

However, the community project there has faced a number of problems, with volunteers recently saying they have been locked out of the building.




  1. Whatever ‘Philippe and Brad’ may have/have not been up to, it has nothing to do with the street party and the latest event to get a look-in on the designs for this incredible project! All of Brixton should come down to look at the models and drawings – this will has the potential to change the way developement happens in Brixton… and my god don’t we need that?

  2. This is very very bland reporting considering what is going off in Brixton at the moment! do you not take a stance on the way that Philippe and Brad have treated no 6 ????, they havent faced any of the accusations that have been directed at them!

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