Scorchio! Spring sun this weekend in Brixton

The weather taken from the BBC website

Seeing blue sky through the window again this morning the Brixton Blog thought it would be prudent to check the forecast for the weekend and – good grief – check out the results.

The mercury will be pushing 20C in Windrush Square today, tomorrow and Saturday, so if you can take time off work then this would be the time to do it.

While long winter nights in SW2 can be fun, spring and summer sees the place come to life, as tables spring up on pavements, old men play dominoes in the street and trendy 20-somethings sip their drinks outside the Ritzy.

This weekend why not head to the launch of the “eclectic” Rosendale St Market – near Brockwell Park in Herne Hill.  Jamaican Rum Cake, German sausages and non-alcoholic cider will be on offer in what organisers call a buzzy showcase of the local community. Ace.

A snapshot of Brockwell Lido in 1938

Brockwell Lido, AKA Brixton Beach,  is due to open early next month. The 1930s unheated open-air pool had an overhaul this winter, and we can’t wait to take the first refreshing (if excruciating) dip in its chilly water. If you’re a member of the lido gym, too, you can warm up in its ample steam room – replete with view of the park.

Thanks to the strength of the community’s response to its announced cancellation, the Lambeth Country Show will still be going ahead in September and the Brixton Blog will be playing a big role at Brixton’s own carnival, the Splash, on August 5.

All in all then, It’s going to be a cracking day today great summer.  Jump on board.