Take two: Hockney documentary @ Coldharbour London and dinner @ Majestic

David Hockney

Take One: Screening of ‘Love’s Presentation’ @ Coldharbour London gallery

The Coldharbour London gallery is screening ‘Love’s Presentation’ about the making of David Hockney’s Cavafy Etchings in 1967, narrated by Hockney himself. This is the first in a series of films showing at Coldharbour London by director James Scott and cinematographer Adam Barker-Mill.  And for just £5, it’s a lot cheaper than going to see the Royal Academy exhibition of Hockney’s new landscape paintings.

Love’s Presentation at Coldharbour London, 30-34 Southwell Rd, £5, 7pm

Take Two: Dinner at Majestic, Coldharbour Lane

There are lots of restaurants worthy of mention outside of the Granville Arcade and we think the Majestic is one of them. Read the review here, stop eating now, and go tonight with a hungry belly.

Majestic, 330A Coldharbour Lane