Take Five: Best views in Brixton

In the second of our ‘take fives’, we take in the best views in Brixton. Bliss…


So inspired were we by the view, that we just had to use hipstamatic

1. The London skyline from the top of Brockwell Park

Cycle, run or just walk to the top of Brockwell Park – the best spot being the bench just below the football pitch. Look towards central London and you’ll get a fine view of the city skyline, including the London Eye. Dulwich rises up to your right and behind you somewhere through the trees is the Crystal Palace transmitter, south London’s own Eiffel Tower.

2. Skyscraper skyline from Brixton Hill

Walking down Brixton Hill in the early morning or just as sun is setting affords a great view of the City. Especially good when the Gherkin and the Shard emerge in ethereal glory out of a morning mist.

3. View from the pool

Swimming in the Brixton Rec pool at sunset is an absolute joy. As the sun disappears behind the London rooftops, red light dapples the water of the pool and all is calm. Over-the-top? We don’t think so.

4. Popes Road market from Brixton rail station

Columbians sip their first coffee of the day in Las Americas and halal goat carcasses rattle by on an ancient trolley. Bananas are unpacked noisily, Stuart the watch-man opens up and awnings spring up like mushrooms. Watch the market come alive, from above, on the south-bound platform of Brixton station.

5. Brixton market on a summer’s day

Colour, people, food – we know it’s a while away, but the next time there’s a balmy day in Brixton, walk to the market and take a moment to drink it all in.

What do you think? Post your thoughts and suggestions for other Brixton views below


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