PICTURES: Brixton reflections

Here at Brixton Blog we’re always looking out for fantastic images of Brixton uploaded to our Flickr photo pool. Each week we feature some of our favourites on the website.

This week we are impressed with south London photographer Robbie Ewing, who braved the arctic weather last week to catch these candid shots of Brixton people, around the theme of reflections. If you like these, you can find more on Robbie’s Facebook or his blog.

Photos and text by Robbie Ewing

Double reflections

I decided to get out of my comfort zone and use street photography to fulfill the challenge. Fixed my 35mm prime on and suitably wrapped up against the cold weather I headed of to Brixton. Set out with the intention of combining people and windows. Spotted the reflections within reflections for a double take on the theme. Mostly monochrome SOOC (straight out of the camera) which I emphasised in processing.



The red hearts in the Joy window attracted me and I just waited until some one walked past. This was the second person, she was to busy on her mobile to spot what i was up to!

The shoe repair men and I

This was taken next to Photofusion. Again the colours caught my eye initially, then I spotted the man working on the shoe and the second guy clocking me. Didn’t spot my own reflection until processing.

Argos bag lady

I knew they had big windows at Argos and I literally turned the corner from Brixton Road on to Atlantic Road and ran into this lady. Single frame capture.


Double Take

Similar to the previous bag lady shot. The Boots on the corner of Electric Avenue and Brixton Road also has big windows and I just lurked for a minute or two shooting people who came round the corner.



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