Costa: The future of coffee shops?

Costa thinks it will bring the ‘future of coffee shops’ to Brixton. What do you think? Comments below…


  1. All that Costa is really bringing to Brixton is overpriced coffee-flavoured froth and low paid jobs. And of course more money leaking out of Brixton into shareholder’s pockets and long supply chains.

    Brixton has so many well established and high quality coffee shops, surely we will be able to resist this poor quality rival? Some of my favourites include Breadroom, San Marino, Wild Caper and Cafe Brixton (great coffee and its only £1 a cup!)

    When Starbucks opened I briefly thought about launching a guide to Brixton’s coffee shops (with map), doing a cheap photocopy job and giving it out free in front of Starbucks. Anyone fancy a cheeky collaboration? Some basic design and people power to get it out there?

    For now, head over to to see a list of 20 corporate-free places in Brixton to grab a quality cuppa (and of course they all accept brixton pounds in its various forms)

  2. Surely a brand new Costa is better than a derelict site?

    And surely Brixton’s liberal intelligentsia wouldn’t seek to frogmarch us lesser mortals to the independent – and lovely – operation round the corner?

  3. The problem is getting the message out to everybody else. Short of picketing outside it when it opens, I don’t know how to encourage the masses to avoid going in there and hoof them over to the market instead.

  4. Local boys made good.

    “Bruno and Sergio Costa founded a coffee roastery in Lambeth, London in 1971, supplying local caterers and coffee shops with their slow-roasted blend mocha Italia.[4] Costa branched out to retailing coffee in 1978, when their first store opened in Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, England.”

    Of course they sold out to Whitbread and are now second in the world to Starbucks apparently. Perhaps in 40 years time we will be saying the same of Federation. 😉

  5. I second Fiona’s comment. Federation Coffee is the best I’ve tasted, and certainly the best in Brixton. The only way Costa/Starbucks can compete is by having more space for seating, as it’s hard to get a seat in FC on a busy Saturday.

  6. It may well bring the future – hopefully the end of lifeless chains in close-knit communities. People of Brixton, vote with your feet, or in this case, coffee mug!

  7. I will never step foot in there. Just Like I have never entered starbucks or Nero. Give me breads etc or federation in the market.

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