Brixton man jailed for having sawn off shotgun

Adonis McQuitta
Adonis McQuitta was found to have a shotgun hidden under his bed

A Brixton man has been sentenced to four years in jail after police found a sawn off shotgun under his bed.

Adonis McQuitta, 33, of Claudia Jones Way, Brixton, was jailed for four years on Monday (January 30) at the Inner London Crown Court, for possession of a firearm and cartridges without a license.

He had been stopped by officers for smoking a spliff on Coldharbour Lane last October. He was arrested and taken to Brixton police station before cops then searched his home.

The sawn-off double barelled 12-bore shotgun and shells were found in a brown rucksack under his bed.

McQuitta answered no comment to all questions in his interview, at one point telling officers: “How can I dig myself out of this? I just have to do the time.”

Det Insp Sean Stewart said today: “Thanks to the local policing team’s diligence to their duty what appeared to be an arrest for a low level crime has led to the recovery and destruction of a firearm.”

The 84 days McQuitta has spent on remand will count towards his four year term, the judge confirmed on Monday.