Tip of the day: The Day the Factory Died @ Coldharbour London

Friday 27 January

There is so much happening in Brixton of a Friday night, but we’ve decided to go for something a little more sedate, just for those who need a daytime activity. Coldharbour London gallery, Southwell Rd, is exhibiting previously unpublished photos by the fashion photogapher Christophe von Hohenburg which document Andy Warhol’s memorial service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in 1987. Coldharbour London opened last year in an old print factory, combining a gallery space and studios for local artists.

In case you do want to go out afterwards, tonight’s dancing highlight is of course the brilliant Bump! at Plan b.

The Day the Factory Died by Christophe von Hohenburg at  Coldharbour London gallery, Southwell Rd