The Royal Wedding

The nation is well and truly in the grip of royal wedding fever. From a royal wedding knitting kit to a commemorative pizza, there are hundreds of ways to mark the occasion as the big day approaches. Joanna Hughes heads to Brockwell Park to find out what people in south London will be doing

Joseph, 48

“I’ll be going into the City. I’m meeting a couple of friends in Green Park. We’re going to enjoy the atmosphere. I’m having a traditional African costume, normally worn by kings, sent from Ghana for the occasion. I would like to see the wedding procession. I like Kate and Will as a couple and this is an occasion that comes once in a lifetime. I just want to be part of it.”

Sophie Rix, 28

“I’ve got the day off work but I’m avoiding the closed roads and heading out into the countryside for the day with my boyfriend if it’s sunny. We haven’t decided where yet, but it will be somewhere just outside London.”

Ursula, 24

”I booked my holiday to Sri Lanka before the royal wedding had been announced. I feel a bit disappointed now that I won’t be in the country to join in the celebrations and get together with my friends and family. I will try to catch it on the television at a beach side hut and will try to find some Pimms too! I guess watching it on the telly means I’ll get a great view at least.”

Tim Oakley, 31

“I’ll be on my stag do in Devon. It’s a good weekend because it’s a long one. That’s why I picked it.”



“I’m going on the ‘Not The Royal Wedding Cycle Tour’ organised by Bromley Cyclists and Pollard’s Hill Cyclists Group. I’ll be hoping for a nice day and avoiding the TV. Yesterday in Carphone Warehouse I saw there is even a royal wedding mobile phone.

Natalie, 28

“I’m so excited about the Royal Wedding! I’ve got a full on day. I’ll be starting out early at 10am to attend a street party organised by Battersea restaurant, Chez Manny, where we will be served with a traditional full English breakfast. By midday I’ll be popping in on a friend who is hosting a garden party in Herne Hill. Then for the afternoon I’ll be heading to a pub in Clapham to watch the afternoon processions on a large screen TV in a beer garden. In the evening close friends and I, are going to grab some fish and chips to round the celebrations off.”

Joanna, 32

“I’m a civil servant and work in Victoria so I’m thinking of going into work that day. There will be lots going on in Victoria. Where I live there is no community focal point so there won’t be a big street party.”

Kate, 32

“I’ve got an exciting day planned. I’m going to my in-laws who are having a street party in Weybridge. There will be bunting, barbecues and plenty of wine and beer. All the houses on the street are involved and inviting friends. Then in the evening we’re going to a wedding.”

Magali, 32 and Kerry, 36

“We’ll be driving to Cornwall to spend the weekend surfing for three days with twenty mates. It’s an annual event. It’s always the bank holiday weekend, but this year it’s great because we get a free day. Usually it’s grey and cold, but this year it looks like it could be quite enticing. Two of our friends are leaving at 7am so they arrive in time to watch the wedding on TV.”

John, 65

“I’ll be watching the wedding on the telly. I like the tradition. It’s a part of our cultural heritage. We might have some tea and scones in the garden after the wedding coverage if it’s a sunny day.”

Jenny, 29

“I’m looking forward to the royal wedding but mainly for the extra bank holiday. I’m taking the opportunity to be on holiday that week down by the sea catching up with friends and family. I imagine I’ll spend the day sailing and then out for dinner and drinks with friends in the evening.”


“I’ll be out of the country. I’m going to Grenada in Spain.”