Brixton Wholefoods appeal after break-in

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Brixton Wholefoods has launched a crowdfunder to keep the shop on Atlantic Road open after experiencing “a catalogue of disasters” including a break-in.

“Since our last appeal in October 2021 we have worked hard to keep open,” said proprietor Hilary Waterfield.

“We feel strongly that we are winning but we have a way to go and need some help to get there.

“Our staff have to run a very tight ship with little income and massive outgoings, managing on the minimum wage and some even working on a voluntary basis.

“We are now facing new struggles and, once again, we are turning to our loyal customers to help us through.

“A lot of you will know that our dear colleague, Tony, who was the main anchor of the shop for many decades, passed away in December after suffering from Alzheimer’s.

“Staff have stepped up to take over Tony’s lead. We have seen customers coming back and we have been enjoying the demand for goods but we are struggling to keep up with the supply, on a weekly basis.

“We love our gem of a shop and we are determined not to go under. 

“However, we are experiencing a catalogue of disasters, the latest being a broken shutter. The shutter broke a week ago and we are battling, for compensation from the installers.

“Because the shutter is broken, the shop is vulnerable, and on Wednesday night we had a break in. We are looking at many thousands to repair the door, replace the glass, and install a new shutter.

“Until we do we are at risk at having multiple break-ins.

“We are hoping that once again we can rely on your support to get us through this crisis. So, with this appeal, we hope we can raise £20,000 to install new shutters and also improve our stock levels and continue to develop a thriving shop that will remain within the community for many years to come.”

See the appeal


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