Off Key – Jez Jacob’s show in Brixton’s Tate Library

“Off Key” is the new show by local artist Jez Jacobs in Brixton’s Tate Library from 9 November.

Jacobs studied fine art and sculpture at London’s Central Saint Martin and has a background in graphic and multi-media design and working with young people – particularly those who might have been marginalised by the education system. 

His work reflects these very different strands in his life. In his own words “I’m interested in product design and youth culture” and he combines the formal elements of the former – lines, shapes and spaces – with references and signifiers from the latter such as trainers and aerosol cans. 

The culture of young people – the way they behave and carry themselves, the clothes they wear, the places they congregate – fascinates Jacobs and he believes there is a lot to be learned from and about them.

When he brings these two very different worlds together, the results are subtle but dynamic and multi-layered pieces. He moves beyond the graphic art which follows certain rules and is used principally to sell goods, to create much more fluid pieces which tell a story about contemporary urban life. He describes it as orchestrating the elements to create a visual narrative.

The show consists of wall-based paintings, sculptures and prints and is a mix of present and past work which reveals Jacobs’ creative  journey.

He hopes that visitors to the show will be entertained but will also “explore the works, navigate their layers, reflect upon the elements  and decipher the narrative – and will walk away still thinking about them”

Off Key runs from 9 November until 1 December in Brixton’s Tate Library. Entry is free and the Library is open every day. For further information about opening times call 020 7926 1056 or visit their web site.